Mobolaji Ogunrosoye

Mobolaji Ogunrosoye is a Mixed-Media Artist born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her practice involves the use of Collage and Photography to personally explore self and body image.

In 2018, she produced works in her first solo exhibition, Loose Woman, curated by A White Space Creative Agency. She has also participated in group exhibitions which include Dialogue I: Cultural Perspectives by the Alliance Francaise, Lagos, Nigeria, and iDesign Art 4, iDesign by Tola Akerele. 

Mobolaji received a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Lincoln, the United Kingdom in 2015, a Master's degree in Sustainable Design from the University of Bath in 2013, and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Covenant University, Nigeria. She lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. 


"My practice is a personal exploration of identity and emotion; a form of catharsis borne out of a need to visualize my emotional struggles tied to self-esteem and perception.


Through the use of Photography and Collage, my work questions why only certain aspects of the female body and emotion are deemed acceptable in society. It examines physicality and emotion by observing daily life and general landscapes and documenting these observations over time.  These documentations allow me to re-imagine Universes where versions of myself are oblivious to Society's expectations on the ideal female body and way of existing. 

My work exists to encourage conversations surrounding the appropriateness of self and body. This re-imagination of self does not seek to inform the opinions of the observer, but rather to create opportunities for which the viewer may acknowledge the different realities that exist; allowing for more difficult and open conversations on fear and shame surrounding the female body".

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