Mobolaji Ogunrosoye is a Mixed-Media Artist born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her art practice is centered around the exploration of self, body image and the impact of societal influences on personal identity and the lived experiences of being a young, Yoruba, Nigerian woman.

Using Photography and Collage, Mobolaji documents and re-imagines physicality and emotion by observing images, daily life, neighborhood activity, and general landscapes; introducing the viewer and herself to alternative versions of reality. Though her work remains self-aware, it has evolved from being deeply rooted in self-consciousness to being a liberated and humorous expression of female autonomy.

In 2018, Mobolaji produced works in her first solo exhibition; Loose Woman, curated by A White Space Creative Agency. She was among 10 Artists selected to feature in the annual juried exhibition, Next of Kin, at The Thought Pyramid Art Center. In 2020, she was selected to be part of an inaugural virtual residency at Window, Winnipeg, where she explored the interpretation of Digital and Analog Collage as one harmonized medium within her practice.
Mobolaji is based in Lagos, Nigeria.